Discover the best natural fabric for your little one

BuBi Children is committed to delivering sustainable fabrics excellence and great craftsmanship. That’s why every brand presented on our website meets this important criteria in children wear manufacturing. The skin of our children is so delicate and soft, that it needs maximum comfort and breathability, that only natural fabric can guarantee.

BuBi Children is proud to present MiMù for its strong dedication to a constant research for materials prioritising certified natural high quality fabrics. Here are just some of these that the brand uses to make the clothing for your little ones:


Cotton is the natural fiber that covers us from our first breaths. Amongst its best features, it does not cause allergies, it absorbs water and sweat, it is breathable, it gives a pleasant sensation of softness and comfort  to the skin and it disperses evenly body heat.

Pima is a Peruvian cotton discovered and grown from the early ‘900. This variety is still cultivated following strict procedures and then carefully hand-picked. Pima’s ideal growing conditions and its particular long fiber give the yards some very unique features: softness, brilliance, resistance to wear and pilling.


Organic cotton is produced according to the international organic cultivation standards. The entire production chain is safeguarded: soils are used respecting natural fertility and crop rotation; chemical fertilisers, pesticides and genetically modified organisms are excluded. The use of water and energy is reduced, limiting waste of such precious resources, improving and preserving the biodiversity of the land. Last but not least, farmers’ conditions are protected: they are not exposed to substances that may be harmful to their health, minimum salary is guaranteed for fair work and forced and child labor are prohibited.

Besides the above mentioned, organic cotton has other important technical features:

  • It is softer because the fibers are not treated with chemicals;

  • It is hypoallergenic therefore ideal in case of eczema and dermatitis;

  • It is more breathable than traditional cotton, the skin breathes better and allows better thermoregulation of the body.


Linen is the oldest fiber in the world. Its success is the result of the combination of three factors: the availability of suitable soils, favorable climatic conditions and the knowledge of expert producers caring for tradition and respecting their environment.

Linen has many established properties:

  • it is shiny and one of the most resistant and stable fibers over time;

  • the thermosiphon structure of its fibers has a thermo-regulating function that makes this yarn inter-seasonal: cool in summer and insulating in winter;

  • features a unique moisture absorption power: it has been studied and demonstrated how linen sheets offer an incomparable quality of sleep;

  • It is hypoallergenic, antistatic and anti-pilling.

MiMù uses also Recycled Linen because besides all linen properties it features further values. This yarn is composed of 85% recycled linen and 15% top quality linen fiber (firm linen). With a particular attention to the health of the Planet, linen returns to a new life and is used to create refined garments giving well-being and pleasant sensations to people wearing them.


Modal is a natural origin textile fiber obtained from the spinning of cellulose exclusively extracted from beech trees. MiMù chose micromodal that compared to standard modal is thinner and softer, creating an ultra-light fabric that gives a feeling of ‘skin on ski’ sensation.

Micromodal features:

  • Approximately 50% more hygroscopic than cotton;

  • Highly resistant to wear and UV rays;

  • Particularly soft, smooth, shiny and comfortable;

  • Resistant to shrinkage and hardly discolors.


Milk fiber is obtained through a process of extraction and purification of casein that is milk main protein.The fabrics produced with this fiber therefore retain the milk properties and are naturally beneficial to the skin.

Main characteristics:

  • It carries out an antibacterial action since it does not allow the bacteria to proliferate inside it;

  • Easily absorbs moisture;

  • Protects naturally from UV rays

  • It moisturizes and nourishes the skin thanks to the action of milk amino acids;

  • Extremely soft, light, smooth and soft, ideal for the delicate skin of children.