Meet The Founders & the Concept Behind BuBi Children
Who we are

Marco and Maria, the founders of the BuBi Children, have devoted many years to working in fashion business in luxury brands such as Dior, Versace and Armani. Now based in sunny Spain, a true passion and love for what they do, drive them forward in their own family project.

Marco and Maria are the parents of the charming boys Victor and Valentino. BuBi was the nickname for a little Victor, when he was born. For the first time parents, this word embodied love, fondness and care for their baby.

With parenthood, Marco and Maria became fond of the beautiful world of children’s wear. Colourful, joyful styles, the finest fabrics, various brands and designers – the selection was huge. And here was born BuBi Children – the online boutique, that represents the best fashion brands through the curated selection of seasonal collections.

Of course, it’s important not to forget the values that accompany the child education and growth. The sustainability is one of them. The love and care for the Planet, environment could be passed through the clothing too. With our selection of sustainable brands, we provide beautiful clothing made from organic materials.

Our Values

BuBi Children was created for parents. That’s why parents and their needs are at the centre of our attention. The customer service is always available for the clients via e-mail, WhatsApp and Socials. We are completely transparent on every step of your shopping journey with us. We are constantly improving it by adding new brands, new digital tools to represent each style, to be closer to our clients in the online world.

The emotions that you get receiving the desirable pieces are priceless for you and your child. BuBi Children is always there for you.


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