Meet The Founders & the Concept Behind BuBi Children
Quality and comfort can only be chosen – BuBi Children

BuBi Children is multi-brand shop presenting high quality children’s wear & accessories. Sustainable fabrics excellence, great craftsmanship and the best customer service.

Our values

The creators of BuBi Children are first and foremost loving parents. They brought all their love and adoration to their baby and knowledge and expertise in fashion to the concept of the shop. The quality is their world. The comfort and health of children is their must. To make every baby’s childhood happy is their mission and big aim.

They believe childrenswear is not just beautiful design. This is care and choice of the best for loved ones every day. That’s why they collaborate with exclusive brands that are in constant search of product excellence, convey these values and show what’s really matters.

Who we are

Marco and Maria, the founders of the BuBi Children, have devoted many years to working fashion business in luxury brands from Milan, Paris and London. Now based in sunny Barcelona, a true passion and love for what they do drive them forward in their own project.

Marco and Maria are the parents of the charming baby Victor. When Victor was born, he was so sweet and so funny and Marco’s paternal tenderness was so strong that he began to call baby Victor a cute BuBi nickname.

For little BuBi since the first days they choose the best natural materials and aesthetics style from selected kids brands.

They believe that love for a child is a desire to give him warmth, sensitivity and care. This is what they were looking for in daily kidswear and that way the idea to collect high-quality children’s brands and share them with the whole world has grown with parents love.

Our brands

All BuBi brands undergo strict personal control. Choosing BuBi Children you get the high quality combined with sense of style and excellent personal service.

Each brand represented in BuBi Children has its story, its uniqueness and own principles. Some of them are family brands with a long history and values, passed down from generation to generation. This is about the soul in every thing, about pure love for work and attitude to life. Every brand is absolutely different and distinctive. But a reverent approach to creating children’s clothing unites them.

You can find the right look for every occasion in the life of your little ones including newborn onesies, casual toddler wear or formal wear for your best moments. The most refined fabrics as organic bio cotton, cashmere, wool, silk, milk fiber, linen — feel your safety, comfort and style with BuBi Children products.


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