The Story of Story Loris

Every day and every night our children put underwear, nightwear, hosiery. These are essentials of every wardrobe stay always in contact with delicate child’s skin. That’s why it’s so important that these garments are made from the best fabrics, that will protect the skin and will give the maximum comfort at the same time. To assure this, BuBi Children chose for your little ones the legend of underwear and hosiery manufacturing – Story Loris.

In 1949, Loris Stori created his company, aiming to a specific goal from the very beginning: quality. The respect of “Quality without compromise” is an imperative that still accompanies every moment of the hosiery factory, which over the years has maintained delicate craft passages together with innovation, investing in technology and diversifying the offer side by side with famous designers. Born with the men’s socks, the Story Loris in the early 50s extends its production to hosiery infant and a child, and then complete its range with collections of underwear, nightwear and beachwear.

Today the internal style office is coordinated by Barbara Stori, granddaughter of the founder, who follows the collections of the brand. Every stage of the production process has its own quality control, meant not only to eliminate any defects, but also to ensure the precise responsiveness to size. A passage not at all trivial because the fit has to be technically perfect so that the sock does not grip, does not fall down, does not fold and does not allow the sock to slip under the foot.

Embroidery is a very important phase of the production process for Story Loris, still totally handmade by experienced embroiderers. A precious moment that allows to customise the item with flowers, rhinestones, bows and trims, which are characteristics of the brand. After choosing the colours of the season: the most classic for the newborn, the more fashionable for the junior, the materials are selected: lace, chiffon, velvet, satin, crepe, pearls, rhinestones, that will be laser cut and processed to become a nice decoration for baby’s booties or stockings for the little ones.

Innovative collections and the best quality can be obtained only through a careful selection of the finest raw materials. Today Story Loris can count on qualified suppliers that provide the best in cotton, silk, cashmere and merino wool, providing a “Made in Italy” path from the yarn. For mercerised Egyptian cotton the top of the range is chosen. It is purchased raw and later dyed in the most used colours, allowing an absolute uniformity of production. For cotton and wool articles, a special technique combines the natural fiber to polyamide, so that the nylon remains inside the fiber and is not in direct contact with the skin. Among the raw materials stands out then a worsted cashmere and silk yarn, obtained from longer fibers, which with an extraordinary softness ensures greater resistance.