BuBi Children supporting Sparks

The world of BuBi Children is a world of happy childhood and caring for children. We continue in our little ones, we love them dearly and every day we see how they grow healthy. We are real lucky persons looking at their smiles and hearing their wonderful laughter. We believe that there is nothing more valuable than life and health of our babies.

Unfortunately, a huge number of children in the world suffer from serious illnesses and they are in dire need of specialized expensive medical care. One in three children with a rare condition won’t live to celebrate their fifth birthday because there are still no treatments for them. For critically ill children there’s no time to lose. But the time is running out and the only way we can help them is through research.

We want every child in the world to live in safety and be able to pretend on help and support if an accident happened to her. We know for sure that even the tiniest participation in the fates of those who need it can save their lives.

What is impossible for the parents of one child becomes a reality when hundreds and thousands of others happy families do good.

A disease is something that is difficult to fight when you are alone. But when there are many of us, it backs down. So BuBi Children doesn’t want to stay away and starts working with the Sparks charity foundation.

Sparks has a strong reputation in the child health research community and has supported over 90 British research institutions. They are committed to funding the best in paediatric health research across the UK, solely focused on helping seriously ill children no matter where they come from.

The 3% of your order value at BuBi Children will be donated to Sparks charity foundation. Thank for choosing BuBi Children and giving someone hope for life. Together is how we make the world a better place.