Why BuBi Children? Because we know how to make it differently! BuBi Children

Why BuBi Children? Because we know how to make it differently!

The world of fashion has been always attractive. When we see fashion magazines with beautiful covers, we start to dream about the latest pieces available in the shops. And of course, we love to do shopping for our children, to buy them the most adorable garment from various brands and designers.

That was one of a reason why BuBi Children was born. We started to look for a clothing for our son (his nickname BuBi) and wanted to buy the best for him. But there was another reason too: we (BuBi Children founders), have been always worked in the world of fashion for some super brands from Milan, Paris and London.  Being one of the first people who see the collections 6 month before it will arrive in boutiques; learning from designer team how each piece was produced and where the inspiration came from; and of course, selling it to the biggest retailers worldwide. Of course, that wasn’t just a work for us but a passion for what we are doing.

With BuBi Children we bring this passion and our industry knowledge in children’s wear inspired by our son. The style is something that is forming through the years. So, we can take the advantage and educate our little ones from the very start and through the first years. By choosing the finest fabrics, comfortable fitting and of course beautiful design that reflect the latest trend will lead to create exciting wardrobe for your child. The world of BuBi Children is all about the first years of your child. Outfit for the first walk, for the first birthday, for the first day in nursey, all amazing things that you and your little one will remember forever!

We choose very carefully each brand. On our website you will see both the worldwide famous brands and not so known but very talented designers. All of them distinguish themselves by exceptional quality and innovative design. However, it not just about brands, but about selection that we are bringing for you. From numerous styles and colours, we tend to pick up the most fashionable and finest pieces in order to bring to your kid something special and make your shopping with us different.

Stay with us, more brands, more collections are arriving. Let’s dive together in the world of children’s fashion and make feel your child unique!